DIY Solar Bees Wax Bleacher

After researching how to bleach bees wax without chemicals, I have built my own. So far I am very pleased with the result. I built it with spare parts I had around the house. The base is a spare worm farm module. The rest is from the top part of a dish warmer I bought...

The Stables WIP

This one measures 16” x 20”. This so far has taken me 18 hours including the original drawing. As with all my paintings I start off with pyrography as my under painting before I add colour using encaustic paint with my stylus. The Stables


I completed the painting of the Roadmaster yesterday. Today it will take pride and place in the gallery. This painting is painted on a birch ply cradle board and measures 16” x 20”. As with all my work it is for sale and can be bought through several means. Direct...

I Get Asked Why?

I often get asked “Why bother adding colour to your wood burnt pictures, when they look good as they are?” I hope that this painting of the motorbike half done, shows why. I find the combination of the two mediums gives me a texture and result I can not get with any...

Roadmaster WIP

As you see, I have started to add colour to the bike. It is a slow process getting the colours mixed just as I want them. So far this has taken 31 hours, including the burning and drawing. Roadmaster wirh some colour.