Photographer:  Rod Walker

Lonestar Photography Western Australia

Zilpa’s Bio

Zilpa van der Gragt was born in Amsterdam and immigrated to Australia in 1965 with her parents and sister. 

Zilpa’s art career started when she had a disire to create a portrait of her beloved father after his passing. To do this she completed a comprehensive portrait painting course with Carole Massey.

This was so enjoyable that Zilpa went on to learn from Nolan and Dennis Clark. It was with their teaching and encouragement the she became an accomplished artist in graphite, oils, acrylic and watercolour. 

Zilpa is self taught in Pyrography and Encaustics. It is with these two mediums combined that she has developed her own unique style and medium she calls PyroWax.

All of Zilpa’s main body of works, are certified as being recorded in The National Registry of Australian Art and Artists. Each piece has a registration number attached to the back of the painting.